Who we are ?

The masculine, feminine and mixed obediences of Europe, Africa, Asia and America have responded extensively to the Call of Strasbourg and have united to the Universal Union Chain.

By adhering to the ethics proposed by the founders, all the obediences members of the CLIPSAS:

Honor their absolute fidelity to the message of tolerance, fraternity and union, article 1 of the Constitutions of Anderson, whose respect remains their golden rule.

 Consider as a mission of Freemasonry to bring together people, the Freemason to be the decisive element to live in harmony with all men.

 Believe that the essence of Freemasonry lies in its social ideal of fraternity and in its sense of duty, not in the strict observance of a custom, including the most traditional.

Believe that a spirituality uniting man to the future of humanity and to the perfection of his condition has as much moral value as that which he can find in his relationship with a supernatural principle.

Our Freemasonry will not allow any limitation to freedom of conscience, given that it is progressive and is conscious of fulfilling, in the modern scientific society, the generous will of our dear Master Anderson through freedom of spirit.

For this ideal to be realized, it would be necessary to all Freemasons to come together in an environment where everyone keeps its value and freedom. A Freemasonry that intends to carry out its mission cannot reject any of the moral values capable of fortifying it.

All human beings, whatever their race, religion, social environment, philosophical and political ideals, their conceptions of the economy, if they are free and honest, must share the same will of union, allowing the constitution of a universal Freemason union whose necessity is more imperative than ever.

If exclusives remain, they do not come from us and we forbid ourselves to create them. We believe that the diversity of moral values is not an obstacle to the union, but the intellectual, spiritual and moral condition indispensable for its development.

In the spirit of the above-mentioned values, the CLIPSAS has exposed its convictions and moral commitment to the eyes of all through the Lisbon Call.

In this call, the CLIPSAS clearly took a position on the major problems of humanity at the dawn of the 21st century:

The Freemasons of today, CLIPSAS’ members, men and women of different races, of different philosophical convictions, of all nationalities, who forge bonds of brotherhood between them and with the beings of all continents launch to this appeal:

-that all the inhabitants of the Earth unite in actions favoring the emergence of true human solidarity,

-they rise against any fundamentalism, against any aggression, against any exclusion,

-that they work for the harmonious development of all human beings in freedom of conscience and mutual respect.

To achieve these goals, it is necessary for every man and every woman to fully play his role by working towards the gradual elimination of global economic injustice, the physical, moral and spiritual alienation of peoples, in respect for our vital environment.

This is the goal of all the Freemasons signatories of this appeal who work according to the principles of the humanist tradition.

By joining the Strasbourg Union through CLIPSAS, Freemasonry comitted to freedom of conscience and mutual tolerance makes its contribution to the humanistic ideal and the restoration of the Union Chain of Anderson’s Constitutions.