Le Mot du President

Président du CLIPSAS

Most Serene Grand Mistresses and Grand Masters,

My Very Dear Sisters,

My Very Dear Brothers,

First and foremost, I am a freemason of the initiatory tradition, committed to the diversity of the obediences of which it is composed, and to our values. My will is to work at consolidating the Chain of Union that links all the world’s freemasonries together.

Each obedience that makes up CLIPSAS is the representation and expression of this great global Alliance, unifying the North and South, East and West, which undertakes to build the world with a full sense of solidarity.

We are the links in the unbroken chain of the Brotherhood, linking together those who have lived for our hopes, just as those who will live for them in the future…

Our intention is to continue to use our strengths to achieve our ideal of unity. This means, in particular, in strengthening all projects that deserve seeing the light of day.

CLIPSAS is an inexhaustible source of ideas, of projects to be completed.

We must work even more on the harmony of freedoms and in defending them, in the full application of Human Rights.

We must build a future where fraternity, solidarity and respect for the other are more than just words.

The tensions that are currently criss-crossing our planet are generating fear and are putting our ability to the test in building and creating a better and more fair society.

We, the freemasons of CLIPSAS, are fully aware that our future can only be in solidarity.

We all come from different continents, we have different cultures and beliefs, but we have the same values that unite us together.

I wish to be the voice of your voices, the voice of your wishes.

I will put my heart into working to extend the ambition of our founders, in order to contribute to making our brotherhood grow in this century.

I want my name to be entered by your sides in this shared history that goes beyond our personal existence.

We are the heirs of a long initiatory tradition and a great humanist message, we must pass them on, and today we have to carry them on into the future.

I will commit all my energy so as to be worthy of the confidence that you have placed in me.

Know that I will endeavour to act, in any circumstances, with wisdom and determination, with strength, if necessary, in order to achieve the work undertaken.

I assure you, Most Serene Grand Mistresses and Grand Masters, My Very Dear Sisters and Very Dear Brothers, of my faithfulness in the esteem and fraternity I give to you.

François PADOVANI.

President of CLIPSAS